In a Word or Google document, gather your list of guests and addresses by household*, centered in the document as shown in the example below. Please do not submit your list as a spreadsheet. 


Mr. Tomas & Mrs. Melkis Baez
Miss Charlee Baez
176 East 71st Street
Apartment 1
New York, NY 10021

Miss Margaret Haas
453 South Spring Street, No. 804
Los Angeles, California 90013

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Chase
234 Mulberry Street
New York, New York 10012

Miss Melissa McMeekin & Mr. Max Blume
1825 Whitley Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90028

Codi Ann Thomsen & Guest
Post Office Box 29818
Los Angeles, California


Note: The manner of guest titles (Mrs., Dr., Miss, etc.), address abbreviations (Apt., CA vs. California), and number of address lines are up to you. A variety of examples are included here for your reference. We're happy to advise if you have any questions about how to address your guests.

*When inviting family households, a separate invitation may be issued to an adult who lives with his/her parents.