The Letter Ledger 2.0

The Letter Ledger 2.0

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A limited number of Letter Ledgers remain, including a few almost-perfect ones that are on sale. They may have minor blemishes, but they're perfectly functional and beautiful. A dented cover or slightly freckled page, and nothing more. They still do what they do best!

I don't know when I'll print the ledgers again, so orders yours before they're gone.

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Introducing the Letter Ledger: an easy way to keep track of a conversation and keep planning for the next one.

In this updated edition, the lined format allows you to expand as needed for each entry. Additionally, the initial boxes can be filled out in your preferred method of record-keeping. A few suggestions:

  • Assign a color to a pen pal
  • Emphasize the pal's initial
  • 'X' a completed entry

Lastly, in the back, you'll find more space for addresses, plus a place for birthdays. Never miss an opportunity to send a thoughtful wish.

Enjoy your new letter-writing regimen!

+5" x 7"
+86 pages
+Gray 100# cover with white 70# pages
+Gold wire-bound

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