pen pal post, no. 1: pens

with pen pal club back up and running, margaret and i will each be writing a series of posts related to the art of correspondence. topic no. 1: our favorite writing utensils.

i enjoy using any extra, in-between times or a stop at a coffeeshop to catch up with correspondence. there's always a return letter or thank you card or simple hello to be written to somebody! so, it's rare you'll find me without my letter-writing materials in tow.

Paper & Type

inside this little pen house, i keep a simple kit of pens (and pencil!): 

  1. midori brass ballpoint pen
  2. caran d'ache metal ballpoint pen
  3. muji mechanical pencil (not available online)
  4. faber castell pitt artist pen
  5. sharpie fine point marker

i alternate between the ballpoint pens for my letters, depending on the paper type or size of writing area i'm working with. the midori is better for finer writing on smooth stock (i.e. small postcards), while the caran d'ache is better at gliding over thick, cottony paper. for envelope addressing, i use the waterproof faber castell, and once-in-awhile the sharpie marker for bolder envelope embellishing. the pencil is just on hand in case of sketching. 

do visit the paper pastries blog to find out margaret's go-to (and more colorful!) pens.

our next pen pal club meeting is wednesday, june 3. we'll be at the studio of paper pastries in downtown LA. more details and rsvp here.