album cover art, no. 6

when i go to amoeba—with or without a mental list of records to look for—i'll walk every aisle of the used rock, and then the new rock. i look left and right as i go, perusing the albums displayed on the shelves above the alphabetized inventory below. sometimes i'll judge an album by its cover and try out a new artist (mostly successful*). sometimes i'll leave amoeba empty-handed save for the satisfaction of seeing the latest explorations in visual/graphic art.  

a couple album covers caught my eye during a recent visit:

Lianne La Havas album cover

the new release from lianne la havas is simple, bold, and stunning all at once. and she's on point with those botanicals on blush!

Musique de film imaginé

and this, on the other hand — just serene, with pretty pink and old type, like something you'd find tucked away in your attic. 

see more album covers i've eyed in the past.

*a favorite find: françois virot.