Little Notes at Anthropologie!


I'm pleased to share that Little Notes can now be found at one of my favorite stores: Anthropologie!

It's fun to think how Little Notes will reach the hands of an audience beyond my petite graphic design co. When I set out to design them a few years ago, I was inspired by forms and vintage fill-in-the-blank postcards. I wanted these cards to include only enough words to ease any writer's block and help make correspondence a joy, to nudge impromptu note-writing. 

Since then, Little Notes have become a Paper & Type staple. I've loved hearing from customers about their intentions with these cards, ranging from writing end-of-year notes to colleagues, to asking someone out on a date!

I truly hope my army of Little Notes will continue to encourage you to correspond creatively, to share thoughtfulness more easily and often. Do let me know how it goes!