In honor of JFK

JFK Postage Stamps / Paper & Type

Last month on Presidents Day, the U.S. Postal Service dedicated a Forever stamp in honor of President John F. Kennedy. The new stamp features a photograph taken during his presidential campaign in 1960. The commemoration marks the 100th anniversary of JFK's birthday.

JFK was given this honor twice before. The first was with a 5¢ stamp, issued on what would have been his 47th birthday in May 1964. Featuring JFK's portrait alongside a depiction of the eternal flame—and with a fitting line from his inaugural address, "and the glow from that fire can truly light the world"—the design was personally approved by his widow, Jacqueline Kennedy.

The 13¢ stamp was released in May 1967. It honored JFK as part of the Prominent Americans Series, which recognizes important individuals in U.S. history.

John F. Kennedy served as the 35th President of the United States from 1961 until his assassination in November 1963.  

Photograph of John and Jacqueline Kennedy and their daughter Caroline, by Mark Shaw