Dear Belle,


To my fellow ephemera foragers,

The Vintage Paper Fair will be in town the following dates:

  • January 12–13 (this weekend*)

  • May 18–19

  • September 28–29

Hours for the three weekend events will be Saturday 10–5 and Sunday 10–4 at Glendale Civic Auditorium. Admission is free except for the early birdies ($25, Saturday 8–10AM).

*For those able to attend this Saturday, January 12, Postcrossing will in the lunch area at 10AM. Come see what they’re about.

Grand Rapids Mich.
Sept 22nd 1867

Dear Belle,

I am writing to you once more from this city, where we have both had many a happy moment & which we shall always remember with pleasure. I have just got back from taking a walk with Frank Thomas, up to see the new Union School Building. It will be a splendid edifice when it is finished. I wish you could have a couple of years to go to school in it. Frank & I from there went over on the hill near Ballard’s place on Fountain Street, & took in views of the city as we lay under the trees.

This morning I went to the Second Baptist Church saw all the old... Dell Slarte & mother were there. I was also there to Sabbath School with Olive Scott who I had not seen in a long time. I guess Bille &…know her. Saw the Cook girls at church. I mention all these as I thought you would like to know about them. I must now tell you about the one you are the most anxious to hear about. I was … to see Melissa & Silverwood last night. Melissa is the same jolly girl. She’s queried after you. Silverwood is quite sick. He has had a bad cold & cough ever since he left this place to go west. They say he cannot live long & that he has got the Consumption. I do not think it can be so for he has always seemed healthy to me. It seems queer to have him sick. We have always been together so much. Sizzie Treadwell is very sick with a fever, I met her mother yesterday, she seems quite anxious about her daughter. They all inquire after you & want you to come back.

The folks are all pretty well at Mrs. D’s. Mrs. Marvin is home. Mr. Dickinson came home last night.

It seems lonesome in spite of all the old friends. I believe I could leave it better now than I can after I stay here awhile & mix with the society here. It has been a very warm & beautiful day. Grand River looks “grand” indeed as you look on it from the hill, winding its way gracefully toward Lake Michigan.