outdoor reading

Bart's Books / photo by Paper & Type

As you probably know, I find bookstores to be irresistible, especially those of the rare, used, or vintage kind. Albert recently took me to visit the notable Bart's Books in Ojai, California. The operating hours posted by the entrance: "7 Days a Week, 9:30–SUNSET." It made me smile to see the books line the exterior of the shop, with trust and instructions to place payment into the box should you happen to make a purchase during the night.

Bart's Books is an open-to-the-air shop that originally began as a series of bookcases along the sidewalk, constructed by the owner who had decided to share his collection of books. It is truly the deepest collection of used books I've ever perused.

Royal typewriter / photo by Paper & Type

Vintage typewriters are all about, along the shelves in the bookstore's annexes, and tucked among the seating areas too.

I came away two titles on my usual subject matter: The Guide to Garden Shrubs and Trees, and The Herbalist. Their beautiful endpapers included a floral timetable and botanical illustrations. (An old Merriam-Webster nearly tempted me with its patterned endpapers as well...)

Happy sighs. I can't wait to return.

Bart's Books / photo by Paper & Type