how does your garden grow?

the process of designing the 2013 collaborative calendar with genevieve santos was a wee opportunity to dream up what we would include in our 11x17 patch of soil. i decided i’d plant some strawberries, tomatoes & parsnips, while genevieve opened the garden gate to a few friends (some furrier than others). a bit of line work here, with brush strokes there, & ta-da… our poster garden was ready!

for my own little plot of land i’d be perfectly content with letting it be overrun with flowers, foliage & berries (perhaps i’d keep one tiny corner in order). secret hiding places and shady trees are a must, & at least one large, sturdy branch to hold a swing. a big, big ranunculus tree? that would be terrific.

what would you grow in your garden?

for a chance* to win this calendar, send in your reply to the question above! i’ll be giving away two calendars: one winner shall be chosen at random, & i’ll pick a favorite (answer) to receive the other. email your answer** to by sunday, november 11 at 11:59pm. winners will be announced november 12.

*genevieve is hosting the giveaway as well, but please reply only once!
**be as whimsical as you wish