how goes your last bit of spring? june gloom is in full swing over here, & there’s no stopping the hot, melty summer that’s surely on its way. a few things to keep you company:

+have you got a hold of june? july will be on us before you know it.
+this weekend, individual medley is calling all knitters to help knit blankets for a good cause.
+justina’s patio sale is tomorrow. dabito & i will be joining her in selling the culmination of our spring cleanings.
+dabito has also (at last) opened an online shop of his prints & most superb vintage finds.
+jessica comingore has debuted the last bit of her beautiful redesign: her website.
+i’ll be writing some posts for lonny magazine! over the next few weeks on their blog, they’ll be featuring wedding planning wisdom that covers the dress, food, & more. above is a little sneak peek of my post on stationery.

more soon!