5 years

it was five years ago this month when, with only one designed invitation & a couple cards to my name, i had made paper & type official. i was at my computer, waiting for radiohead-at-the-hollywood-bowl tickets to go on sale, when i suddenly decided to register for a domain. my thought process about a company name was swift & practical, & immediately after a positive second opinion from my friend kevin biggers, i staked my claim. paper & type started to feel real.

sketching iterations of a logo came next. my vintage royal typewriter was settled upon as the company mascot from the start, & its icon adorned all my paper creations henceforth. you wouldn’t be able to tell from my flowery room of today, but at paper & type's beginnings i was madly collecting typewriter-related anythings. a recent gift of a handmade, pocket-sized typewriter (pictured) from my dear friend amy kim* was a very sweet reminder of where i had started & of the friends that have been so supportive along the way & still.  

my interests & style have evolved so much over the years, & i want you to know that i appreciate you sticking with me through all of it. there is still so much to learn & do, but at this time it feels as if paper & type is slowly emerging from its awkward years & hopefully becoming the young adult that i wish it to be. thank you so much, friends!

*amy is one talented lady of so many things… painting, lettering, graphics, photography, anything with yarn or fabrics, laughing, etc. she even got me to like napa cabbage. i feel lucky to have this little creation of hers within arm’s reach. i pick it up to squish it often! <3