mysterious letters

{paper & pen}
part iii

for you (& your inspiration)

these writing endeavors perpetuate the tradition of written correspondence:

1. mysterious letters
earlier this year, lenka clayton & michael crowe handwrote 467 personal letters of miscellaneous matters (one for each household in the irish village of cushendall).  curiosity ensued. last month, they carried out the same feat for another neighborhood, this time in pittsburgh (670 households). the two will ultimately reach a city near you*.  it is quite a wondrous plan.

2. watchwork letter project
ww began with this request: supply him with a topic of choice & your mailing address, & he will indulge you with a response by post.  my favorite gems: moments upon wake & sleep, what drives & stops, & little things.  do peruse the july–november archives (& write him) for more.

3. letter writers alliance
you had a penpal (or two, or five..) when you were in grade school awhile back, yes?  it’s never too late to partake in such a swap.  as a member of the letter writers alliance, along with the penpal exchange, you are bestowed a membership card & badge as well (to enroll is only $3, or free with stationery purchase).  make it official.  make it nostalgic.

*that’s alotta stamps.  yowza.