my friend anna tes introduced me to the wonderful blexbolex title above awhile back, & ever since then it’s been stuck on my mind like a piece of rice on a shirt. in seasons, a children’s* book, french artist blexbolex illustrates for his young audience not just the usual & the very tangible, but also some concepts that are less so & some that are more serious. spring, breeze, silence, accident, sunburn, stubborn, abundance — all these words are beautifully presented in singular & thoughtful silkscreen interpretations.  

i’m gifting this book to a little 4-year-old i know. the book’s capability to hold so much wonder, to leave the deepest impressions, has me very excited for her (& for any kiddo who grows up with this in his/her library). i can just imagine the curious questions & infinite possibilities that blexbolex has unlocked simply through the words he’s chosen & the visual style he’s shared!  

take a peek at the video. friends in los angeles may pick up a copy over at poketo!

*children = actual children & children at heart