national business women's day

today is national business women’s day.

i feel wonderfully lucky to be among a community in los angeles that is so alive with women (creative) entrepreneurs: from architect rachel allen, who hired me fresh out of college, to ladies billie & tootie of reform school, the first shop i fell hard for. it was there, for pen pal club, that i met margaret of paper pastries, & clare crespo (do watch her inspiring creative mornings piece!). to genevieve santos, a talented artist & my original partner-in-crime. to justina blakeney, who i met while in line for meg & joy’s creative inc. book signing (justina’s just the sort of lady who would invite over a roomful of creatives to see what happens when they meet for the first time; for the friendships that arose that evening, i am thankful). to satsuki shibuya, & erin dollar, who have each nurtured & provided a place for the culture of women entrepreneurs to thrive. to whitney bickers of myrtle, who champions her female designers every single day.

& to helena hong of nice owl— i’ve learned so much from her generous heart since the very beginning.

in honor of this day, six twenty has selected business women & entrepreneurs to celebrate with, & i’m excited to be among them. six twenty, an online shop owned by angeli tarsadia reddy, features high-quality basics made here in los angeles. for this feature i paired the classic v-neck with leah reena goren’s california poems scarf (a favorite of late), & chose to share this bit of advice from satsuki that i keep close.

photograph by my dear shweta namjoshi.