rich saethang (designer & cloudkicker) approached me with his idea for postcards to use during his upcoming travels.  typically, a traveler might look for a postcard that depicts a most favorite angle of a city or country, or one that perhaps best fits the addressee.  however, rich planned to tote along a personal set of generic-yet-customizable postcards, ones which could be applied to wherever he went. 

said he: “it would be the ultimate postcard for the wanderlustful nomad who didn’t know where she/he would be next.”

rich was interested in a questionnaire format for the postcard, & having an illustration of a kid traveler or paper airplane, & perhaps the headline “greetings from ___!” or maybe a map, or, or…!  the possibilities were seemingly endless. 

i devised a list of items of note for when abroad & sent this to rich, along with rough sketches for postcard layouts.  we sized these up & sharpened them, added the bit about cookies (he’s a cookie fiend with a mission), & picked out some headlining items.  i built up the questionnaire over the structure of my p&q postcards, & with the left-handed aviator (an autobiographical illustration by rich) & a hand drawn paper airplane trail that traversed the postcard (a witty idea, thank you A) — the postcard was complete.

print & send:
& here, a set of postcards by i kick clouds + {paper & type}, to accommodate this cookie-minded traveler with an open itinerary & a penchant for filling-in-the-blanks.

paper: neenah howard linen cover, 80#, bright white
type: archer & futura