We are losangelesbeautiful

losangelesbeautiful / Paper & Type

My dear friend Bruce Chan commissioned these losangelesbeautiful cards. As he prepared to move to Pittsburgh, the cards provided a way for him to share his appreciation for Los Angeles and the community he had fostered here.

losangelesbeautiful was created in the spirit of the City Beautiful movement. An architecture and urban planning philosophy of the 1890s, City Beautiful was a response to rapid urbanization. It sought to create livable and inspiring cities through intentional planning, grand parks, and open spaces.

losangelesbeautiful honors this city’s history (flaws and all), environment (natural and built), and people (diverse and incredible).

At this moment, many in our community are newly threatened in ways large and small. losangelesbeautiful stands with them.

All proceeds from these cards will be donated to the ACLU.

There are 100 available and you are invited to pay what you wish.

We believe in #losangelesbeautiful.

losangelesbeautiful / Paper & Type

This edition of losangelesbeautiful letterpress cards will be available this weekend at Modern Artisan Marketplace and online shortly after. 

Commission by Bruce Chan
Design by Paper & Type
Printing by Presshaus LA