styling with justina

i’m currently sitting in the jungalow, trying to type this while fending off the affections of luda the cat. it’s been quite awhile since the first visit here, seeing in person how justina blakeney has made this home every bit an extension of her — patterned, cheerful, & easygoing. besides the closet-turned-nurserya baby sock here & there, not much has changed about the jungalow’s spirit & style since baby ida came along. she naturally fits right in, in fact.

i love justina’s space, even while hers is very different from my own. with her knack for furnishing & styling, i know she’s got quite a bit of knowledge to share with you. if you’re looking to learn how to make a space your own, how to give it a refresh or to ready it for guests & photography, hop over to sign up for justina’s online course. this long-awaited class begins april 1st. learn more about it on her blog!

image above (via justina) was photographed by bret gum & styled by jickie torres, & appears in cottages & bungalows