the dreamer, the achiever, the hostess, the intellectual, the stylist, the confidant, the beautician, the explorer

my first introduction to darling magazine & her editor-in-chief, sarah dubbeldam, was back in january, where we were both taking part at painstakingly made. on the surface i was drawn to the magazine’s weight, that clean & pressed title on the front, the pages saturated with color & the smell of ink. i was intrigued by the way the different personas of a woman were identified & illustrated. & i adored the very large display featuring the magazine’s mission statement, beautifully & fittingly hand-lettered.

once home, i began to dive into the magazine’s insides, & — while this feeling may be due to my all-girls high school experience — seeing content that really rooted for womankind was deeply comforting. there are articles to encourage you, to sweeten & cheer you, to listen, & to celebrate you. such a sincere magazine.

darling magazine is about to release their third issue, but for this & future issues, it’s only made possible through your support via pre-orders & subscriptions. get a hold of this springtime issue, for yourself & for the women you know, & you’ll see a bit of this..!

the hand-lettering above is by angela duncan southern.